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Pages: A bit lost; seeking sound advice. [1]
Author Topic: A bit lost; seeking sound advice.

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2010-11-11 18-21-07

A bit lost; seeking sound advice. ( part 1 of 2) My girlfriend and I have been together almost 2 years. We live together, and are happy, but at the moment, I feel lost. This is probably a long post so I apologize, but I'd like to explain the jist of my situation, in hopes someone has some sound advice that I can use to strengthen my relationship. I'm having trust issues. Awhile ago, I found out that my girlfriend was texting a man that she worked with. They weren't saying anything outright wrong, but she went out of the way to not mention me, and he made comments (that she didn't reply to) that were inappropriate. We had a long talk, and I believe that it was just an attention thing. We've moved passed this as far as I'm concerned, I just mention it for the sake of consideration. I know for a fact that she is willing to lie to avoid a conflict, or save the relationship in any way. I've caught her in several small lies, which is where my mistrust comes in. The consequences for telling the truth any of these times would have been a minor argument, or at worst perhaps hurt feelings that lasted until morning. The consequences of the lies, when discovered, have planted seeds of doubt that have me questioning our entire relationship. If she is willing to lie about small things, is she willing to lie about big things? If she wanted, she could do whatever, with whoever, and tell me she was working. I don't check on her, and if I feel that the relationship is in a state where I would need to, I feel that it's no longer a healthy relationship. I don't have evidence that she's cheating, or even truly think that she is. I just have trust issues. For what it's worth, I have always been 100% faithful, in practice, intention, and motive. A related problem, is that she lacks any true friends. Her old friends have gotten heavily into drugs, have gone crazy (not meaning this in a derogatory way, I mean cliniy admitted into an institution,) or are generally bad people that she has grown tired of being abused by. She doesn't have anyone to talk to, barring myself and her family. I feel very badly for her, since new friends are hard to make, and all she needs is an outlet to vent every now and then.
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2010-11-12 22-29-17

A bit lost; seeking sound advice (part 2) (part 2 of 2) We do talk, and I try to be as much as I can be for her, but as anyone must know, you always need a third party to let it out sometimes. She can't very well vent about me, to me after all. She (secretly) posts on under the Strictly Platonic. I recently discovered this when she didn't log out of her e-mail while on my computer. I was hurt by this at first, but know that this is her attempt to find a way to reach someone, anyone, who she can talk to. If I wasn't worried about all of the degenerate people and dangers, this wouldn't be a problem at all, but I'm unsure how to bring this up to her. From the open e-mail, I read a harmless conversation and she mentioned that she had no interest in ever meeting in person. I feel bad for reading the conversation, but once started I was unable to stop. I am not going to hide that I know this, or that I read it, I just want to bring it up in a way that doesn't discourage her about her friend situation. Her seeking friends may be what I am sensing, and the small relationship lies and past worries with attention seeking are murking my judgment, but I can't shake the general distrust that I feel. I've discovered a few more minor lies tonight, as well as the Platonic postings, so tomorrow is when I will talk to her. I'm interested in anyone's opinion on the situation, and perhaps advice on what they would do or say in hopes of helping the relationship. - The lies I've caught her in are minor, that's why I didn't list them, hopefully it's just enough to know that she's willing to lie, at least about small things. I also apologize if my thoughts are not clear enough, it's late and I have been contemplating this ad nausea in my head.
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2011-03-25 4-01-30-

There'll always be mistrust with any person Including her about you. Fears after fifty years will be for her what will she do when you are dead? After fifty years or years it's the same fear. Part of accepting her is accepting she'll lie to avoid an argument. What? You expect her to change? For some things, she'll change, but why should she tell a truth and have a row? But she should have some limits. There should be things you agree upon that she not do.
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    2013-12-06 23-32-52

    Ok, despite my tp, which is true, I think I can help you here. First, if she's willing to lie about small things, then evenutally she will be willing to lie about bigger things even if she's not willing to do so now. Second, "general distrust" : This may or may not be warranted. Either way it's something she needs to help you with. Be open & honest with her about this but figure out for yourself what she needs to do to alleviate this before you talk to her about it. Then tell her what you want & see if she is willing. Whether or not she is willing & coooperative will tell you a lot. Third, her friends. If they are drug addicts, she needs to find new ones. I don't know if this is enough info but I can address more specific questions more easily.
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