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Author Topic: Married woman looking for sex Mishicot WI

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2010-11-11 0-18-01-

PEOPLE DON'T READ ANYMORE...Where can a man find some BRAINS & BEAUTY? Jesus H. Christmas! Doesn’t married woman looking for sex Mishicot WI anyone have an imagination anymore? Is there anyone left with any true depth of character? It seems as though the failing public education system is churning out exactly what I had always feared: A nation of mindless, spiritless, unimaginative goons. I hate to sound like a jerk, but enough is enough already. And while guys are just as guilty, I am obviously speaking to and about women right now. Everyone tells me that online dating is a waste of time and that I shouldn’t bother. They tell me that people are loony, stupid, dishonest, etc. I am not THAT cynical. In fact, even though my rant has started off very negative-ish… I promise, it gets better. Here’s why I am venting…. I knew the odds were stacked against me for finding a woman on here, but my goodness, how banal and mediocre can you get? Here, let’s examine some sentences excerpted from REAL ads on aslist… 1.) “I like long walks on the beach, nice conversations, I like to laugh, and I love romantic movies…” Or, how about this one: 2.) “I want a guy who will be honest and treat me right and not be a player and not lie to me. I hate liars!…” Do these sound familiar, yet? Do they sound like YOUR ad? Get a load of this gem… 3.) “I am 5’7”, my friends say I am beautiful. I am looking for a guy to spend the rest of my life with…. Losers need not apply…” Losers need not apply? Who mentions on CL, that they are looking for a man to spend the rest of their life with? I mean, if that is your goal, then fine. But not right off the bat! And how can anyone know YOU are worth spending the rest of their life with if you give such a boring, generic description of yourself? Wake up people! I can’t read your mind! Every word YOU choose paints a picture of who you are. It tells me WHY you are unique. It gives me a reason to WANT to respond to you. If you write any of that OBVIOUS crap above, I can’t help but to think, “No S**T Sherlock!” Who DOESN’T like to laugh? Who DOESN’T hate lying, cheating pricks? Tell me more about yourself for crying out loud! Need some pointers? Here goes… 1.) What makes YOU want to get out of bed every morning? 2.) What is it about your career or path in life that makes you sleep good at night? 3.) What really turns you on? Not just sexually… but what is your passion… dare I ask, what is your MISSION on this planet? 4.) What do you absolutely love about yourself physiy? NO loves everything about themselves. But EVERYONE has a favorite feature or two. Maybe your lips or freckles or bum is a feature you love. I could go on… but I hope you follow where I am going with this. Oh yeah, you may be asking, what about ME? I have ranted on for 2 pages and haven’t said a damn thing about myself. Well, if you are intuitive and have great observational skills, then you should be able to piece together a PERSONALITY from my words al But for those who are impaired in the “people-reading” department, I will point out the traits of yours truly… * I am very passionate about creativity, the power of words, and I really want to know more about people and their TRUE character. Otherwise, “long walks on the beach” would have been enough to make me respond to about ads on this week al But because I want a living, breathing human being and NOT a humanoid, I am writing this post. Also, how can anyone desire a “great conversationalist” if they can’t write a few imaginative words about themselves? It only makes me fear they would be boring in person. * WORDS can have a very powerful effect to work in your favor… or sometimes… work against you. For instance, you might read these words and think I am a complete jerk. A real arrogant piece of work. Or, if you pay attention, you will see that I live life on a different level. I am an artist who observes the details. After all, the devil/God is in the details. Based on the mundane words of most ads, I can conclude that these women are merely stating what they want. After all, who doesn’t want laughter and love and romance? But you see, that is MY point. EVERYONE wants those things, which is why we are all here. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. I am just saying… give me MORE that the basic BS. * If you are still reading this, then you have probably beat out about 90% of the women I would never dare talk to. Why? Because you are: number one, literate. Number two, imaginative and curious. (Both very good traits), and three, realize that although you still haven’t read a typical “description” of me, you cannot help but feel, there is something “different” about me. Maybe enigmatic. Maybe not. But there is SOMETHING about me that makes you read further. And now you have read too far to just give up now…. You have to keep reading to feel like there is a payoff coming soon… * Speaking of typical “description” ads on CL… Don’t you find it weird that people will list their “stats” as if they were a piece of property? “Hi, I’m John, I am 5’10”, in good shape, brown hair and eyes….” They also list all of their “interests” like bullet points in a brochure. I like to watch baseball, I like beer, blah, blah, blah, blah….” Sure, descriptions are necessary so we can weed out who we think we want and don’t want, but again, the main theme of this post? Where is the originality and imagination?! * Now, for the moment of truth…. For the 10% of the women left reading this, I will now lose another 9% or so. About 1% will actually take the plunge and write me based on what I am about to write. Yes, although I desire a woman who loves a little healthy challenge and pays attention to detail, I will give you some direct details about yours truly… I know that is not the “end all be all” in my search for an amazing partner-in-crime. However, it is an interesting route to take and not the only In other words, I am not a troll writing to you from under a bridge with a WiFi connection from the local Starbucks around the corner. My real world people skills are stellar. And many people have considered me handsome, but very approachable. What makes me approachable? I have been blessed with great teeth and lips which give me a wonderful smile. (Thanks to Mom and Dad). More importantly, that smile is genuine. Because I am genuinely happy about my life. I live every minute with gusto. Some of you might be thinking, “If your skills are so great in person, why the negative tone in the beginning?” First of all, it is not necessarily a bad thing to rant with a bit of anger and frustration. Nothing is ever perfect and never will be. So let us not forget that everything in life doesn’t just fall into place. Great things have come from passionate people who were sick of tired of getting what they’ve been getting and FOUGHT to get what they truly desired. Plus, because it is online, I can afford to spill all of my thoughts. In person… at a cocktail party, for example, the conversation is a volley. You go back and forth and sometimes you cannot say or hear everything you’d hoped for. On the Internet, you can sculpt your side of the discussion almost perfectly. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I’ve been told I am handsome, many times. Dark hair and seductive honey brown eyes, and smooth skin (for a guy), so I am told. And definitely NOT a hairy beast. So, I am definitely pleasing to the eye at the beach or by the poolside. But my looks never go to my head. I had bit of an “ugly duckling” syndrome growing up. Was kinda nerdy. But that helped me develop a superior character and intelligence that makes me a killer combo. And are you looking for the total package? Well, I am in excellent shape. Not just for a man of 30. I am actually in better shape that most men at 20. In addition to working out to stay fit (NOT insanely obsessed with fitness and NOT a gym rat) I eat the finest foods money can buy because I take my life very seriously. I plan on being here for a while and I will not leave this planet without making an indelible mark. A legacy, if you will. I am making that happen through many creative endeavors… art, music and much more. If you care to know the details, you need to ask. I have been working my butt off for the past 10 years as the boss of 2 great companies. So I am fortunate to be in a financial situation to travel the world, eat at the finest restaurants and pursue my artistic endeavors with great vigor. All of this was not handed to me. I worked for it all. Plus… a wonderful, loving family and a handful of close friends have kept me grounded. Geez, is this not the longest personal ad ever written? I don’t expect any women to write as much as I have in their response to me. But I would hope that I don’t receive a generic response. You know, the same kind of response that I’ve lamented over for the past 5 minutes! If you are reading these final words, then I can safely say, I WANT to hear from you. So, tell me about yourself and include a picture if you’d like. I won’t rattle off a checklist of what I desire in a woman. But I will say this, if you can “picture” in your mind, my appearance and my personality, and you are intrigued, then write me. But ONLY if you believe you are on the same level. I don’t have a “type”, but I would love to be attracted to you in some way. Hopefully in many ways… physiy and otherwise. If you are confident in mind, body and soul, and believe you are a total package… and most importantly, think we can have a great time together on many levels, write me. -McDreamy PS. Even after posting this ad, I can’t believe that I am STILL inundated with mediocre responses demanding photos. Listen, I am not going to respond to every single person who thinks they did me a favor. I am looking for a REAL connection. Your words must really speak to me… and yes, if you include at least nice photograph, it could increase your chances of receiving a response.
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2011-01-02 3-08-58-

Hello i am looking for a guy that is into womans socks like me. I love wearing cable knite knee socks and lacy anclets. I wear them every day and they do get sweaty. any interested? wealthy women seeking Bay View OH
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2011-03-24 3-47-20-

Kathleen and Elizabeth at Touche Hey girls, I had a great time c older women wanting cock hatting with the of you last night at the bar at Tocuhe. Watching the flaming Dr. Pepper and all the rest. I gave you my name to look up on f , but I didn't realize I had my account private for look-ups. It's no longer like that. We had some really intelligent conversations, we should do it again sometime. Hope of you thinks to check here! Hope to hear from you.
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2011-09-18 17-06-00

Bi Tomboy looking for girlfriend Hey now ther free sex personals Pineview e! I'm Jessica, I'm a friendly (don't want to help you quit) but I'm quite a active smoker. I'm always on the run or looking for something to undertake. I really basiy want a girlfriend I could invite to go out, have fun with ultimately mess around once we feel the suggest that to kiss, cuddle or lock themselves away. I have an incredible relationship with my best boyfriend but I'd like a relationship along with a women who won't mind the truth that I have your boyfriend. We're open and honest with another so he knows I'd like a female friend I am able to do more than shop and obtain pedicures with. My boyfriend is a good guy, we moved into our latest property in Port Richey x mths gone, he's open-minded too but quieter in comparison with me. We're both in college at this time and surprisingly he's got no interests inside of a xsome. I'm more into them then he is LoL He's got his Xbox not to mention his boys to prevent him busy, and that's why I'm on the following now =P That i don't sneak round so if you are looking for something discreet, I'm the unsuitable girl but if you are considering a sweet college girl who is going to make you try to laugh and show you a great time, hit me right up.
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2012-10-25 19-11-59

bright male wanting girl white email wanting female. Just about any age or measurements up tp x years. like to do oral on you. sex hot men Scottdale Georgia
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2012-12-23 6-33-02-

searching for a texting buddy I like a thick body geeky girl for you to text me not to mention complete a imagination of my! We're able to start as friends and go from ther free dating web sites Bethune Colorado e! Transmit me a pic/number and additionally ill send anyoneback with the help of my number!
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2014-05-24 3-20-31-

Ridge Hill Complete long shot, but here goes little or nothing. I saw you at the opening of all the trail yesterday as i was leaving, our dogs met, and older swingers Latham Missouri we exchanged a lot of words. You had an exquisite golden, along having a great smile. I'am kicking myself today, for not asking the things your name is actually. Maybe you find this ad. Let me know my kxs name.
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2015-12-06 18-01-12

we had a significant few moments together yesterda meet rich women online Roseville y I realize I can't say much right. We talked yesterday and something happened that under no circumstances did before. If we were to be together it might ruin both individuals lives, but I can't stop thinking pertaining to you. .
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    2016-01-02 17-51-22

    Expedition SGI? My business is visiting SGI for any week and had been wondering if t looking for free sex Camden Point MO here was any guys planning to show a young lady around? lbs. If so please respond using a face/body pic and well then, i'll know what there is to accomplish this is fun. You send a photo and I can sendinturn. Hopefully I will get a guy who is responsible for wiling to show me a fun time while I am in town! .
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